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Conservation of Paintings in BYU’s Education in Zion Exhibit

Last week, our conservators were able to assist Scott Haskins of Fine Art Conservation Lab with the conservation of two paintings in the Education in Zion exhibit. Watch the video for more.

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For more videos from Scott, check out his youtube and vimeo pages.


Preservation Storage for Books and Documents

General guidelines outlined in this video

Lighting Rooms Where Art and Artifacts are Displayed

Lighting the Rooms Where Your Art and Memorabilia are Displayed

Hats Off! – Supportive Storage

Six hats belonging to the Laraine Day Collection (MSS 2351) have recently come through our Conservation Lab. Laraine Day was a Utah-born actress who became prominent in Hollywood and on television from the late 1930s into the mid-1980s. She starred alongside big names such as Lana Turner, Cary Grant and John Wayne. When the Library acquired her papers, the collection also included some clothing items, including these hats.